FAQ's - Boxes

The dimensions listed on our site are external dimensions.

The board we use has a coating on the outside and is uncoated on the inside. Because of this, the colour on the outside may differ slightly from the inside which may be a slightly darker colour. The difference is barely noticeable.

E-Flute is approximately 2mm thick and is predominantly used for product packaging. This thin yet strong stock provides a lighter overall package. E-Flute will provide the best showcase for your designs and a great option for product packaging!

B-Flute is approximately 3mm thick and is best suited to larger boxes. The thicker material provides added protection and support for larger, heavier items. B-Flute is also a great choice for printing.

All our boxes are produced using the Flute type best suited to the box size.

E-Flute is approximately 2 mm thick and is suited to lighter product packaging such as our mailers. B-Flute is approximately 3mm thick and a more suited packaging option for larger and heavier products.

Clay/White is our recommended choice of stock when looking to make colours “pop” with exceptional quality. Kraft/Brown is well suited to designs that utilise dark bold colours. Using bright and vibrant colours on Kraft/Brown may dull the colour resolution.

All boxes are safe to post. For the security of the contents, we suggest the lid be secured with tape.

Suggested weight for our mailers is up to 8kg.

All boxes are printed in Melbourne, Australia.

All the mailers are self-locking and do not require glue. If you intend to post the boxes, we recommend you secure the top with tape to protect the contents.

Yes. Complete your design and order one box. A prototype of your design will be produced and sent to you. Using our minimum order of one box allows you to be 100% sure you’re happy with your design. It also allows you to make changes before placing a large order.

Our packaging is not suitable for use in applications where the box is in direct contact with any food. They can, of course, be used for any food product that is already packaged.

Yes, if you require something special please use the Contact Us page on this website.

All of our boxes are recyclable.