FAQ's - Designs

At Packedinit we like to think it is not only easy but a fun thing to do. When using the site for the first time we suggest you allow yourself plenty of time and approach it as an adventure that will end with your final design looking exactly as you want. For help finding with the design tool, see the “How To Use Packedinit” tab on this website.

Kraft/Brown is a classic brown cardboard well suited to designs that utilise dark, bold colours. Kraft/Brown stock will naturally dull bright colours.

Clay/White is a matte white board that best showcases clarity and colour of printing. When looking to make a design stand out, or to use lighter colours, start with a Clay/White base.

Your box is the face of your product (what your customer sees first) so it needs to be eye-catching. It should also present the image you want to convey. Strong solid colours tend to look best and will also look glossier than lighter shades.

Using bold colours on your box will always result in a great overall finish. This is because the more solid your colour choice the more it will stand out against the cardboard surface on which it is printed.

It’s also important to remember bright colours will appear bright and bold printed on Clay/White material but slightly less so when printed on Kraft/Brown material. When deciding on bold colours for the Kraft/Brown range darker shades will work better – black, dark green, maroon and similar.

If the look you’re aiming for requires the use of light or pastel shades, we would recommend using the Clay/White product to ensure your colour choices appear to their best effect

Words are important in getting your message across. Use the “text box” tool in the design area and add your words. Try not to use small text of fine fonts as they tend not to work well in designs and can result in a slightly “fuzzy” look when printed on a box.

The Packedinit design tool allows you to upload any image you have, including your company logo. The design tool is so clever it will warn you if the image is unsuitable to use, for example an image that is not of high enough resolution to print. Your images will be stored securely in your own password-protected area of the website.

At present you can only use the print process colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black). However you can find the best match for your Pantone colours and use the HEX/HTML value… try it out here: https://www.pantone.com/color-finder find your Pantone colour, click on it and copy the HEX/HTML value provided.

No. At present you can only use the print process colours (Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black).

Our digital printing process cannot print white ink. If you want to include white in your design, we suggest you start with our Clay/White boxes and incorporate white in your design using “negative space” (i.e. leave the areas you want to be white as blank space). You can also add objects and colour them white and our software will automatically turn these objects into negative space. Warning: on a brown box white objects will allow the the brown colour of the box to show through.

All boxes are a semi gloss finish… so they are the best of both worlds right in between matt and gloss.

Yes. Complete your design and order one box. A prototype of your design will be produced and sent to you. Using our minimum order of one box allows you to be 100% sure you’re happy with your design. It also allows you to make changes before placing a large order.

If you want to order say 100 boxes but you want them each to have a different client’s name on the outside, then create your artwork in our system and save it… Don’t check out. Instead contact us to organise this feature, we will prepare your artwork for variable printing and send it to the printer.

Yes, if you require something special please contact us.

You can use either, we will convert RGB files to CMYK for you and provide you with a digital proof so you can make sure your colours are acceptable once converted.